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Bona Wood Floor Renovations, Dust-free Sanding Services, by Trend Building

Hard Wood Floor Sanding can be very messy – imagine a whirlwind of dust within your home, the endless hours of cleanup that will never seem to end, and the potential dust-related health risks for you, your family, your pets, and your entire home!

Bona’s Dust Free Sanding Services, by Trend Building, will ensure those troublesome dust-filled days are gone!

Bona optimizes job conditions, setting new and higher standards with effective, ergonomic, and dust-free Bona Sanding Machines.

Read onward to discover more about the machines and abrasives for the whole lifecycle of a hardwood floor.

About Bona DCS (Dust Containment System)

Our priority is the HEALTH and SAFETY for Floor Owners, as well as our craftsmen – thus the development of the Bona Dust Containment System (Bona DCS).

Its three-step cyclonic and filter separation effectively contains all dust within the machine, effectively removing dust in the air for up to 99.996 %. This ensures air that even cleaner than standard indoor air.

Bona DCS provides a completely dust-free environment vis-a-vis its state-of-the-art dust separation techniques. The unique three-step particle separation in a sealed system will provide both Floor / Home Owners and craftsmen a safe and healthy environment.

The Bona DCS25 is a powerful vacuum unit for dust-free sanding. Its two-step cyclonic separation and unique filter design effectively contain dust within the machine. Changing the dust bag can be done completely dust-free. With the DCS25 connected to the sanding machine, there is no need to seal off connecting rooms or cover paintings and bookshelves and the environment will be a lot healthier and nicer to work in compared to using regular dust bags on the sanding machine.


How Bona DCS Sanding Works:

  • Dust-free sanding
  • Ergonomic design and convenient transportation
  • Low power consumption
  • Quick and dust-free swap of dust bags. Unique seamless dust bag solution using Longopac.
  • 2-step cyclonic separation and unique filtering system
  • Healthier working conditions – in compliance with new regulations
  • Greater customer satisfaction because of sanding without dust and reduced odor
  • Superb end-result after applying finish because no dust is left on the surface of the bare wood
  • Made for professional use – robust, high-quality machine for flooring contractors
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